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My Aunt and cousin are struggling with canser... We need early detection
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My mom has cancer and she is below 50. We got lucky because they caught it at an early stage. If the rule was at 50 then she wouldn't have know that she had cancer and her cancer would have been at a serious and deadly stage.
History of breast cancer in the family.
I have five daughters and two granddaughters, this issue is very important to me.
We all know someone who has or is 'fighting' breast cancer.
Just want to check the result of my ammogram.
the mother of my children and I have a history in our families of different cancers.
Double mastectomy age 49, stage zero, DCIS
I have a beautiful niece who caught 1 stage at age 49 ! If she had waited she might not be here today
I am 48 and went in for my every other year mammogram, and got a call back from my OB/GYN that there was something abnormal on my mammogram. I had to come back in for an ultrasound and possible biopsy. It ended up being ductal carcinoma. They ultimately found two spots that they removed and I finish radiation on June 17th. I have history of breast cancer in my family, but do not have the BRCA gene. Through this I’ve learned that breast cancer is as sporadic as it is genetic. Every woman should be getting tested as early as possible.
I had a double mastectomy at age 50. I always had a mammogram and in the 13 months between a 4.85 cm grew causing radiation and a host of other problems that could have been otherwise averted sadly.
Kathryn K.
My aunt Irene passed due to breast cancer that mastesized to her esophagus at the age of 83. Let's also request that mammograms be extended for the lifetime of the individual. Seniors need our support.
I support testing at 40.
Elizabeth T.
I know of at least 3 people that fought breast cancer diagnosed in their early 40's. 50 is too late!!!
Kelly G.
Debra M
I started Mammograms at age 40. I was very compliant with not missing any. At age 49 I was diagnosed with Stage IIA breast cancer which had spread to my lymph nodes. I did not feel a mass and multiple physicians did not feel a mass. If not for the mammogram finding this abnormality, the result may have been worse. I am at present a 10 year survivor. I think this kind of evidence speaks for itself!! Thank goodness!
Barbara R.
Yes I am breast cancer survive I had breast in 2003.And it's wasn't a easy task you have to have the power to go in and come out you need your family and friends and indeed I did have both. Thank God I am a Christian, I had surgery yes I did lose one of my breast but life goes on lost my hair. But thank God I made . Can say more but not at this time .Oh but Psalms 21: was with me all the time
Phyllis M.
I work for a breast surgeon and we are seeing more and more women under the age of 50 with breast cancer. If you could find just one early, its worth it.
Roxanne R.
We need to catch this horrific disease as early as possible
Shana K.
My co-worker found she's at stage 1 breast cancer with her annual mammograms. She's 43. Glad that she was able to get her mammograms at her 40 or else she wouldn't know about it until 10uears later at her 50. It would be too late for her
Linh T.
Would do anything to help women take better care of their 'girls. This is something we should all be doing - for all women.
Jerri R.
My mother-in-law, now 93, developed breast cancer at age 43 and had a radical mastectomy. If she had not been screened, she would never have lived to such an advanced age in such good health.
Please continue to urge screenings starting at age 40, not 50.
Debby R.
Neighbors breast cancer was detected at 43....thank god she pushed to get a mammogram, now she's compleated treatment and is fine.....we all know it would have been different if she would have waited till 50.
Elissa K.
I was detected with breast cancer last year when I was 63. I was operated on and given radiation because it was found so early with a mammogram. That's when I started thinking of all the younger women having to go through everything I went through except they had to go through chemotherapy also. I am thankful that I didn't have to do this, and I am sure the only reason they had to was because they were detected too late. I was told for years that my two first cousins who died of breast cancer was not part of the genetic line up, grandmother, mother or sister. I had the Braca test done a few years ago because my new OBG didn't believe that. The test came back negative so you can only imagine how shocked I was when my mammogram and biopsy came back positive. I believe that EVERY women aged 40 (or even younger if it runs in the family) should have a mammogram to detect early breast cancer.
It will save their life!!
My mother had breast cancer at the age of 39. So starting mammograms at 50 is insane. I myself needed to start well before 40. But in general, breast cancer needs to be caught earlier. If we increase the age of when to begin screening that will increase deaths caused by breast cancer. I am not okay with that!
I am a 59-year old adopted female without a medical history. I have two daughters and a granddaughter. I have been receiving mammograms since the age of 33 in order to establish a baseline and create my own history. For women like me early mammograms may not only save our lives but the lives of our female family members.
Breast Surgical Specialist
1/3 of my cancers are less than 50 yo
Definitely at least 40 not 50. At 38, with no family history of breast cancer, I felt a lump. My mammogram showed nothing as I had dense breast tissue. I had no children. Despite my OB/GYN's opinion that it was nothing, I demanded to see a breast surgeon who sent me immediately for an ultrasound. I was diagnosed with Stage 2B Breast Cancer that invaded 5 lymph nodes. At 38, specialists foresaw a 50/50 chance of recurrence of my cancer. I had a mastectomy, tram flap reconstruction and participated in a stem cell clinical trial, along with chemo and radiation. I listened my body and not my OB/GYN, and am now a 21-year breast cancer survivor. Mammograms promote early detection, survival and protect women from advanced stages of cancer. It's an essential preventative measure. I would push for 30-35 not 50.
I know 4 women that were diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 50, one woman was diagnosed while pregnant with her 4th child, at 38 yrs old, so she couldn't start chemo until after she had the baby. She is now cancer free at 52 yrs old.

My sister went to doc after feeling knots n lumps in her breasts and eventually had a lumpectomy, thankfully there was no cancer present, she was only 36 years old at the time.
I was diagnosed with stage 1 Breast cancer 2 months after my 49th birthday! Waiting to get a screen until I was 50 could've meant the difference between stage 1 and stage 2! This is appalling to hear the government and big business want to delay early screening which is the key to beating this disease!!
I have suggest by my doctor to do mammogram but previous report is normal so I donor want to do again
I managed the breast cancer program for the Vietnamese Asian in Orange County from 2009-2016. I witnessed the fact women need to have mammogram at age 40 saving individual life because of breast cancer early detection!
I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma at age 50. In the ten previous years that I received mammograms, I had been called back for additional imaging 4 or 5 times. I was told that I had dense breast tissue, which makes it harder for mammograms to detect breast cancer.

I am convinced that had I not had those historical images to compare, my cancer may have gone undetected past Stage I.

40 not 50!

I look forward to better healthcare for women and I appreciate the work you are doing towards that effect.
I’m 38. I want to get a breast exam every year after I turn 40.
My left breast implant was leaking at age 42. Before the plastic surgeon would take out the implant, and also the silicone that was in my breast tissue out, she required me to get a mammogram. The radiologist saw something suspicious on the mammogram, and I was sent to a breast cancer specialist. During the biopsy surgery, the Cancer doctor removed the suspicious looking lump, and also a smaller one directly under it that didn’t show up on the imaging. When the results came back, the small lump that had shown up on imaging turned out to be a calcium deposit. The smaller lump under the calcium deposit turned out to be “pre-cancerous cells of what would have turned into an an aggressive form of breast cancer.” I was 42 years old. I am 55 now, and still have yearly checkups with that same breast cancer specialist. WOMEN NEED TO START GETTING YEARLY MAMMOGRAMS AT AGE 40.
I was diagnosed at age 37 with stage 3A breast cancer. Thankfully my mom paved the way for me and they took me seriously. I hear of so many other survivors that did not have that luxury or advice or medical coverage.

I have a podcast now to give back to others survivors, help them to know they have a voice and support!
I was getting mammograms every other year starting at age 40. My last mammogram at age 48 showed stage 1 breast cancer with a positive lymph node. I'm certain I could have been diagnosed earlier and avoided chemo if I had a mammogram every year. If I had waited until age 50 I would likely have metastatic disease. Now I tell all my friends to go every year starting at 40!
Devon D.
I facilitate a metastatic support group and so many women have been young and or found their tumors between mammograms. Don't wait and don't stall.
Rachel M.
I am a mammographer and have seen first hand how yearly mammograms save lives. Why take one step forward and two back in women's healthcare with the knowledge we have today.
Denise F.