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I did not have a personal breast ca experience, but starting mammo at age 40 saved life for 2 of my girlfriends
Inga L.
My mom was diagnosed before 40 and had a lumpectomy. One of my dear friends passed at 40 last year from breast cancer. We need to be able to chose getting our mammograms younger because even people with no family history can be diagnosed under 40.
Stephanie M.
There is a very long line and history of breast cancer on my mother's side of the family. That being said I believe early detection is the best way to get ahead of this disease. Watching my great grandmother and grandmother go through chemotherapy several times was heartbreaking. My mother's breast cancer was caught early enough that she only had to go through radiation and thank God no signs of the cancer has returned in the last five years.
I have a family memeber who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 27 yrs old. Has had a double masectomy and is still not able to have children yet. without early detection she may not be alive today.
My sister is the charge Nurse on a cancer floor at a local hospital she believes we should start all cancer screenigs at a much younger age than we currently do.
I'm a Mammo tech who used to be a Chief Techologist at. Women's Center in Ventura, California. I ran statistics on the percentage of breast cancers we diagnosed with mammography on women under 50. That percentage was 25% of women diagnosed at our facility were under 50 years old. Many lives were saved due to early detection for these women who otherwise would have had more advanced, and possible life threatening breast cancers.
Too many people have a breast cancer risk at 40 to change the mammogram criteria to 50
I believe mammograms should start in a womens mid 30s considering I have friends who were diagnosed in their late 30s.
At 39 I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. With surgery, aggressive chemo and radiation I was cancer free for 8 years. In the summer of 2016 I was 49 when I was diagnosed with a different type of breast cancer.
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Early detection is important..40
I work in a doctors office and feel that screening should be done at a younger age. I have a family history and worry about myself. Being that I am currently to young at the age of 32 I hate thinking that I will have to wait till age 50 unless I have symptoms.
I had my first mammogram at the age of 42, and was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer, that had already spread to my lymph nodes. I am so grateful to my OB who suggested I get a mammogram. I had chemo, radiation and a few surgeries and now 2 years later I am stronger than ever before. A mammogram at 42 literally saved my life!
We average 1 new breast cancer/week in a woman in her 40s.

This controversy is about money not evidence.
Mother-in-law had breast cancer, recently, and was treated. It was detected early, accidentally.
I was diagnosed at 42, at a regular mammogram. I could not feel my tumor, and neither could my doctors, and don't know where I would be without that screening test. I was diagnosed with TNBC, and have now completed 5 months of chemo and a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. Ten months later, I've achieved a complete response the chemo, and no remaining cancer was found in the breast at surgery. How different would my story be if I'd have waited until 50? I dont even want to imagine...because I want to live.
On my yearly checkup with my Obgyn she suggested I have a mammogram I was 40, I did have one that year and discovered that I did have a breast cancer. It would not have been detected by doing a self exam as these were calcifications that were small but we’re cancerous, due to the mammogram detecting them I had to have a mastectomy then as the margins were not clear after the lumpectomy but since they were caught early I did not have to have chemo or radiation. I do believe early detection is best and if I had to wait until 50 it would of been much worse.
I am the 1 in 6. I was diagnosed on 7-24-19 with Stage 0 DCIS breast cancer at age 48. I’m so thankful we caught it early. I will be having a lumpectomy next week, followed by radiation. Early detection saves lives!!
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Brandy Barham
I have had two biopsies and I am only 47, both non-cancerous thankfully but if they were and I would not have been checked I would be dead by now. 40 not 50 can be life saving!
Darcy W.
I was 37 when I found my lump. I went to my doctor where I was told it felt like a cyst. I had to beg for a mammogram. It turned out to be Stage 2 triple negative breast cancer. I was treated by Dr John West, Dr Justin West and Dr John at Breastlink. I thank god every day that I pushed for that mammogram when I found my lump. Without it I do not think I would be here today.
Danielle A.
Thank God I have never experienced the devastation that breast cancer can bring. But I know that the people like me, who, thankfully, have never had to face this challenge, will more likely have to deal with getting breast cancer themselves or having someone they know get it. I do know that cancer can devastate a family, so I think this petition should get passed around to as many people as it can.
Angela V.
I am going to be 40 next year and was looking forward to finally getting one done. It's sad that I would have to wait another 10 years for my health! Please 40 not 50!!!
Jessica N.
My paternal aunt passed away at age 43 of breast cancer. Countless other breast cancer diagnoses will be missed if we wait until age 50 to start screening. Early detection saves lives!
Alesha W.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 47 and again at 53. Early detection is necessary. There is no one either side of my family that have a history of breast cancer. I am the first.
Darlene B.
My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. As her daughter, I think that all women should be checking for cancer as early as possibly to promote the best prognosis.
Sahar L.
Every women should get mammogram yearly. It should start in the early twenties. I have lost family members and friends with this disease.
Meprisia M.
I have several survivors that owe there victories to early detention. 40 NOT 50!
Marco M.
When was 42 my general practitioner sent thru a referral for my first mammogram. I hadn't felt any lumps, I had no health issues that made me concerned - he just wanted me to start getting Regular mammograms. And my first mammogram found Stage One Breast cancer. That mammogram saved my life. I did not have a slow growing cancer. If I had waited until 50 (which I had considered doing) I would have been dead.
Jennifer L.
Help prevent breast cancer before it's to late.
Jane W.
I've been receiving mammograms starting age 34.
Teresa M.
My mother was diagnosed with breat cancer the first time at age 26. Full mastectomy of her left breast. She then was diagnosed with breast cancer again at 59. She had another mastectomy. Within 2 years the cancer had spread and killed her at 61yo. I tested positive for the BRAC 2 at age 39. I had a 86% chance of getting breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery at age 40. My oldest sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 59. She had a partial mastectomy with chemo and radiation. She is in remission now. I started getting mammograms when I turned 30yo. Because of my family hx. I have a daughter who is 30yo, and I feel she should be getting mammograms now because of our family hx. And she should get the BRAC genetic test done also. But her insurance won't cover either because she is to young?!!! Knowing our family hx is very strong in breast cancer she is left to wonder and worry. And so am I. That is unacceptable.
Michelle D.
I'm just a woman....
Start mammograms at 40!!!!
I have always been a very healthy person with no cancer in my family history. I did not want to go in for a mammogram but was talked into it by friends and my doctor. Shockingly, with no signs or symptoms, I was diagnosed with stage 2B aggressive breast cancer at age 41. Due to the size, my doctor estimated that it was probably growing in my body for 3-5 years before we caught it. I'm happy to say that after a double mastectomy I am cancer free today, just over a year later!!! If I had waited to get a mammogram I wouldn't have lived to age 50!!
I worked in a radiology department. I can not tell you how many women below the age of 50 that were diagnosed with breast cancer in the 8+ years. Seems to me 40 should be the recommend age.
Diagnosed with stage 1 ER/PR + her 2- breast cancer at age 40. bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction, no long term treatment. Living life. Early diagnosis doesn't mean my cancer won't return, but I did feel like I had more treatments options available to me.
I recently had a masectomy , my wish for all is to be cancer free
At 35 I found my first lump. It was benign, however, I learned then that I had dense breasts. After that I was on a routine of mammography and ultrasounds. Because I was aware, and having routine screening, when they did find cancer it was very early and I had a positive outcome. Early detection = more positive outcomes.