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My aunt pass away at 58 of breast cancer my second aunt is fighting Brest cancer right now
Claudia M.
Dr. West,
You are so correct in your drive to make 40 the age to begin screening! Your perseverance, experience and clinical expertise should make the USPSTF agree!
Not only am I a mammographer and have seen first hand the damage that is done to women who are late in the staging of breast cancer but two of my dear and young friend have been diagnosed before their 40 th birthday.
Susan B.
I am a healthcare professional in Gyn and have sen numerous cases of breast cancer in the 40-50 year old range, screening being the only way an abnormality was detected.
Kerri E.
My best friend was diagnosed at age 42 with stage 4 breast cancer that was found by chance. If exams where required at 40 it would have been found sooner.
Carole N.
I am a hairdresser, so I come in contact with a large number of people on a personal level. I hear many stories of family members, friends, and co-workers being diagnosed with breast cancer. Many before age 50, several before age 40 and some even before age 30!! One of my work family members was diagnosed in her early thirties. She lost her 11 year battle leaving behind 2 daughters. She watched her eldest daughters graduation ceremony via video from her hospital bed just days before she passed. Another work family member was diagnosed near age 50 and passed as well. My 3 step-son's biological mother was diagnosed the first time at age 39-40 and the second time at age 48-49...both times were discovered via mammogram. A long time personal client was diagnosed in her early thirties. There you have 4 women just in my own personal circle of people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer prior to age 50. I participated in the "Ride Across Maryland" for breast cancer for 10 years and listened to countless other stories from young women that were diagnosed, many of them before age 50. I want my daughters-in-law, my granddaughter, and all of the other young women in my life to have access to early screening. EARLY DETECTION IS KEY!!!
Kimberly T.
Breast Cancer does not care that you are not yet 50.
Mammograms have saved the lives of many woman under 50.

40 NOT 50!
Michele E.
I had two aunts that passed from cancer. One was originally a breast cancer survior that later died from pancreatic cancer. The other died from breast cancer many years ago. Early detection is key to giving the best chance at survival.
Natasha D.
I just want to support this important petition
Jodi K.
I support women starting mammograms at the age of 40!!!
Toni W.
My wife lost her mother to breast cancer at 51. Proper screening would have saved her life. She never met her grandchildren.
Tom M.
I have a family history of breast cancer on both my mother and fathers side. I belive early detection is the best out come for beating breast cancer. If the guildlines stay the same we will be missing alot of early diagnosis for this cancer.
Courtney A.
I know many younger women in their 40's who were saved because of early screening for breast cancer by getting a mammogram. Including my sister who was diagnosed at the age of 43. She was able to beat this disease due to early diagnosis. This also goes for pap smears for women. They changed it to every three years. Had this been 20 years ago, I would have been dead!
Cheryl D.
All radiologic results communicated on the patient portal are between the interpreting radiologist and the referring healthcare provider . You should review these results only in consultation with your healthcare provider. if appropriate please schedule a follow -up appointment with you healthcare provider to review results .
Please continue mammograms at age 40 or earlier! For my two sister in laws and my cousin who all got Breast cancer in their late 30s. They would not be alive today without the early detection of mammograms.
Too many of my friends finding out by mammogram in their early 30's that they have breast cancer!
A 3D mamogram saved my life!!!
I work with a breast cancer early detection outreach program. We educate women to get their yearly mammograms at age 40; especially as we begin seeing young women being diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death for women worldwide. This is not something that can wait a few years before being checked!
57 years old lost my mother in law to breast cancer....Please why wait? It makes no sense...Early detection is what we're​ after... Detection and Prevention...
DCIS was discovered at my first mamogram at aw 40 and 2 mos. I had breast conserving surgery and radiation. My treatment finished the second week of my oldest son's Kindergarten. I am eternally grateful that my doctor ordered the mammogram at 40.
I was diagnosed at 50 years old, but it could have just as easily have been in my 40's. Thankfully, when I was diagnosed there wasn't this debate about what age to start having a mammogram. I began getting mammograms at 40. Every woman should have the chance to have their breast cancer found as early as possible. If it was your wife, daughter, sister, mother, friend, or another woman, I want that for them.
I was diagnosed at 40 and should have been able to get a mammogram at 35. By the time I was diagnosed I was stage 3b. Maybe I could have avoided a mastectomy.
I am 40. But I have no story to tell, thank God above. But I do believe the earlier, the better, and wanted to sign the petition to help. God bless all who has dealt with or who is dealing with this matter. Peace.
At 26 I found a lump, my pcp thought it was probably a cyst and recommended an ultrasound. The radiologist said it was a fibroadenoma and I could monitor it with twice yearly ultrasounds. Luckily it was uncomfortable and I opted to have to removed. Found out through the pathology post surgery that it was actual stage 2 triple negative breast cancer. Then through genetic testing I found out I was brca1 positive. I have now completed chemo and had a bilaterally mastectomy. I am cancer free but early detection saved my life. A biopsy was not done at the ultrasound because “I was too young for cancer” I was one in a thousand another radiologist told me. Your mission is so important. Young women need to be taken just as seriously as older women when it comes to surveillance.
I met a wonderful woman named Elizabeth a couple days ago, she is 52. She has a depth of beauty that made my heart skip a beat. I haven't been able to stop thinking about her since.

After sharing personal stories and smiles, our conversation got deep. I found out she is a cancer survivor. Breast Cancer. In her early 40's she felt a lump, further testing proved it to be cancer.

She would likely not be here today had she not had a mammogram. Please, 40....not 50.
Breast cancer history in my family and checking from an early age defected at an early stage my breast cancer.
I’m a nurse. The sooner the better. Everyone knows someone who has had breast cancer! I think they should start at age 30.
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Helaine Gillam
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I work in a Breast Center and we see women every day younger and younger with breast cancer. Some women come in for screening exams and don't feel anything yet there is something there and it ends up being cancer. If women have to wait until 50 to start Screening mammograms some of those women may never even make it to that age.
Denise S.
I have been receiving screening mammograms since I was 30, due to the fact that my mother had breast cancer when she was 45. A mammogram found two lumps in my breast. I was lucky, they were both benign. Raising the screening age to 50 will cause women in their 40's to die. I don't think women should die because the ROI for screening mammograms isn't in favor of the insurance companies.
Veronica M.
My immediate cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 40's. How long she had is unknown, (deceased approx 48yrs old). Also personal knowledge of other friends and family members diagnosed as early as 20's.
Barbara S.
My friend Kim has gone through chemo and multiple surgeries due to having Brest cancer. Since it was not caught sooner, the surgeon had to remove limp nodes as well as her breasts. Early detection is extremely important!
Please do not change the requirement to 50 years old. I personally have two girlfriends who were both diagnose with breast cancer in their 40's. One of them had to go through mastectomy and was also given Radiation Therapy. My other girlfriend was just diagnose around Thanksgiving and is going through chemo before her mastectomy that will take place in March. In addition, my Mother was also diagnose with breast cancer but thanks to early detection she has won the battle.
Natasha T.
healthy and want to stay that way .
Diana R.
I strongly support testing at 40 years!
Nicole T.
I fully support the mammogram exam at the age 40.
Priscilla R.
Want to keep America sick, then don't stop what you're doing. You want to try to keep America healthy and aware...then keep the mammograms starting at 40!
40 not 50!
Stevie V.