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My mother had breast cancer at the age of 43. She felt a lump and went to the doctor to get a mammogram done and she had in between stage 2 and stage 3 breast cancer. She is now 5 years free of breast cancer.
Amandia S.
I was diagnosed at 40 after skipping a year in between my first and second mammo. My cancer was caught early and didn't spread. Had I waited any longer the outcome could have been drastically different.
I am a breast cancer survivor of 28 years. I was diagnosed at the age of 28. A mammogram saved my life. With a very strong family history of breast cancer, I started getting mammograms at 23. Early detection is key and prolonging the start of mammograms to age 50 could be deadly.
Kris K.
I am 44 years and was recently diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. Had I waited to have a mammogram at the age of 50, I would not be able to say I would have a good prognosis of survival from Breast Cancer. I am so grateful for having mammograms at the age of 40. The doctor clearly stated, "You are the prime example of why women need to have mammograms done before 50".
Debbie S.
My story on why mammograms need to start at age 40. If I had to wait to have my first mammogram when I was 50, then I probably wouldn't be here now or I would have breast cancer. Because, I was able to have my annual mammogram, a small pre cancerous tumor was caught at Zero instead of not being discovered until it was too late. I would not have been able to feel this one during a self-exam due to the location. I am thankfully to the Drs. that pushed me to follow through with my exam that year. Instead of celebrating the birth of my first grandson and being able to meet him - I would a picture my son would have to tell his son about . No woman or family should have to face a lose that can be prevent with an exam.
My sister was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer at 44 years old. She has been fighting for her life for over a year. She had chemo, radiation, a double mastectomy and has to continue chemo for another month. Early detection is key!
Georgette C.
Too many people i love diagnosed with breast cancer just last year
Mary B.
I am a 41 year old female with a family history of various cancer related illnesses. Without these tests being performed on me at 39 and 40, I may have been without notice if there were a problem. I am thankful that my doctor(s) so fit to perform these tests given my families history.
Stephanie B.
My mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at age 44. It was her 1st mammogram and she had to have a radical mastectomy and chemo. Luckily she is still cancer free, but if she waited until 50 she would not be here today. I've also been aggressively screened since 40 and have had 2 biopsies so far, luckily with clear results. It's too important and the technology is available to help keep women on top of their healthcare.
Amy E.
40 NOT 50
I was diagnosed at age 47 but was told that by the size of my tumor that I'd probably had breast cancer for 1-2 years. Early detection is crucial & the age for a mammogram should be 40!!!
Gina L.
Because I want fair and proper health care.
Kim H.
My mom got diagnose with breast cancer at age 32.
Anabel V.
My mom was misdiagnosed at 28 they told her your lump you feel is nothing your too young and just had a baby at 29 it had spread at 39 she was dead I am the oldest of 3 found mine at 41 my baby was 6 months old no one was telling me I was too young my sister found hers at 40 after her 3rd baby all of us hormone positive my aunt and my cousin both had breast CA later in life because one had no children they other hysterectomy at 35 anyway there is no rule saying Cancer strikes after 50 we are living proof
I know quite a few women who had breast cancer in their early 40s. With early detection, 15-20 years later they are either cancer free or continue to live with Cancer.
I believe the mammograms save lives and should be done starting at 40 not 50 . It prevents cancer and is not costly as cancer treatments.
My best friend has stage 4 breast cancer. She's a mother of 6. And now it has spread threw out and her brain. This is very hard for her family.
I hope we win this petition!
I come from a family with a history of breast cancer. Unfortunately and sadly it has taken a few of my cousins lives. I believe if they were diagnosed earlier, they would still be here with us today. This medically statement that women should start to have mammograms at 50 needs to change drastically. This is why I'm signing this petition. We can change from women dying to living.
I was diagnosed with stage IIB/III breast cancer at age 42. A digital mammogram saved my life, otherwise, if I had to wait until 50 I would most likely not be alive.
My best friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2 at 44. It would have never been caught unless she had a mammogram.
I have two aunts that had breast cancer. One passed. The other was diagnosed at 80. If she didn't have a mammogram she would have passed too. She will celebrate her 90th birthday in November.
My mammography tech saved my life. I was 47 when, during my preventative mammogram, I mentioned that I noticed a shift in my breast tissue and a small pea sized solid lump... that lump turned out to be benign but that tech noted the shift which triggered my PCP to order a second look... which found a tumor... which was very aggressive. Yes, my team of doctors fought with chemo and surgery to remove cancer from my body. However, if that tech hadn't listened, hadn't noted my concern, during a routine mammogram, I may not be here now... and a mammography at age 50 would very likely have been too late and certainly more damaging to my body and more expensive to treat. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have a routine mammogram, for a great tech and the team of doctors and nurses that treated me.
My very first mammogram at age 43, resulted in a
breast cancer diagnosis. I wonder if I'd be alive today, if this test happened seven years later when I would have been 50 years old.! P.S. No history of breast cancer in my family.. GET the test, get it at age 40! This shouldn't even be a discussion.
I am 38 yrs ago. But my just over 40yr old friend had her mammogram done and they should something. If she didn’t go and didn’t find it. Who know what could have been. Thank god she did
In 2009, at the age of 49, a routine annual mastectomy detected breast cancer. I was lucky enough that my cancer was detected at stage III C and still treatable-were it not for that routine mastectomy, I would not be here today.
Diagnosed denovo metastatic breast cancer age 44. Life expectancy short. Screening begins at 50 in the UK.....
A man and a Dad supporting my women friends and my daughter.
Bruce H.
I was 45 years old when I found a lump in my breast. After seeing my physician, having a mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy. It was confirmed I had Stage 2B Breast Cancer. I had the lump removed but the margins were too close and they suggested I start Chemotherapy right away and consider a Mastectomy. At the end of my chemo I decided to have a double Mastectomy and immediate reconstruction surgery, during which they also removed 11 Lymph Nodes (two with cancer 9 without). They also found cancer in the second breast . I can only imagine what could have happened if I had waited till I was 50 to get my scheduled mammogram!
Dawn S.
I don't have a story to share. I just know too many friends and co-workers whose lives have been saved as a result of a mammogram in their 40's.
Pat V.
I support having mammograms at age 40.
Kim P.
I have had routine mammograms since the age of 40 because my maternal grandmother died of breast cancer. One year, I was fine. The next year (2002), DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in situ) was found. I was 52. I had two lumpectomies to get clear margins and had 5 weeks of radiation. I was a Stage 0, so I am so happy that I have had my yearly mammograms, starting at an early age, and that the DCIS was found early. Thank you, Dr. John West, for taking such good care of me then and every year since then. I am still cancer-free, and I am very happy to sign this petition.
Judy B.
Early detection is key. After seeing friends and family deal with this horrible disease, I want to ensure everyone is checked as early as possible.
Deborah C.
I believe in 40 not 50!
Alex W.
I support testing at 40
Fahsina C.
my mom showed up with breast cancer when I was 31. Her doctor and my doctor agreed I would get mammograms every year from that moment.

I paid for it because insurance would not cover it. It did not even cover in my 40's and I saved all year to make sure I could pay for it. It was about $85-125 but I went every year. It relieved the stress from my mom, husband, my daughter, son and myself .

I am worried about my daughter who had both maternal and paternal grandmothers show up with breast cancer- I know they will not start her unless there is a problem.
Betty K.
I support this action, I truly believe the age for mammograms should be 40 or sooner, too many of my friends have had to endure so much becuz of breast cancer and could have caught it sooner if required at age 30-40.
Janette H.
Family member whose Mom passed away from Colon Cancer at the age of 46 went for her first mammo a week after she turned 40.
Mass was identified and biopsy done.
Due to early detection she is now cancer free.
Susan R.
My breast cancer was diagnosed at the age of 48. It has spread to my spine. If I had waited until 50 it probably would have claimed my life. It may still. 50 could very well be a death sentence for millions of women and men!
Christine B.
To protect my wife's health
Brandon H.